A rainbow over Queensborough: a sign of promise for 2015

Rainbow over Queensborough

This rainbow appeared over the dam on the Black River that is the focal point of Queensborough, on this past Christmas Day. Is that a happy sign, or what? (Photo by Sara Hailstone, courtesy of Marykay York Pronk and Pronk Canada Inc. Queensborough Machine Shop)

So much of what appears here at Meanwhile, at the Manse comes thanks to gifts from other people: gifts of ideas, gifts of actual things (vintage things, often!), and gifts of photos. I have come to realize over the almost three years that I’ve been writing this blog that these gifts are the absolute best part of the whole exercise. They make it less about me (which is a very good thing) and more about the community – both the physical community, the village of Queensborough where the Manse and Raymond and I are located, and the community of you readers.

And so I thought it was highly appropriate that my first post of 2015 be a photo that is not by me but that came as a gift. It was taken by Sara Hailstone, the daughter of our Queensborough friend Marykay, in “downtown” Queensborough, this past Christmas Day. There was no snow in Queensborough on this particular Christmas (though we do have a sprinkling now, on New Year’s Day). Instead, there was – a rainbow.

Which is about the most universal emblem of happiness and hope that you can think of. And which is why I thought it would be a wonderful way to start Meanwhile, at the Manse for 2015. And thanks to the gift of permission to use it by Marykay (and by extension Sara), I’m able to do so.

My wish to you all is that there may be many rainbows – both literal and metaphorical – in your life in this new year. May those rainbows show up when they are most needed to cheer and encourage you.

And: may you all be fortunate enough to spend at least a bit of 2015 in Queensborough!

2 thoughts on “A rainbow over Queensborough: a sign of promise for 2015

  1. that is a wonderful picture, extra special because it shows a bit of wonky Christmas weather. It looks like an October picture!!

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