Showered with gifts (III): A set of TV trays, at last!

New TV trays

Our new (old) TV trays, a gift from our new friend Judy in Madoc. Note the splashy still-life design; as I recall, the designs on sets of TV trays back in their heyday were almost always colourful and splashy. I love them. Thank you, Judy!

Longtime readers might recall that quite a while ago – almost two years ago, in fact, in a post here – I asked an earth-shakingly important question: Don’t you think it’s high time to bring back TV trays? In it, I reminisced about those colourful sets of TV trays, or tables, that almost every household back in my youth used to sport. They were designed, I guess, for when people wanted to eat (Swanson TV Dinners, anyone?) in front of the television; but they were also useful simply as makeshift side tables and whatnot. And hey, with their inevitably bright patterns, they added some colour to the room!

Anyway, I mused in that post that, in the interest of adding to our collection of funky and useful artifacts from the era when I was growing up here at the Manse, Raymond and I should try to acquire a set of TV trays. And now, guess what’s happened? Well, you probably have guessed, given that I’ve been doing a series of posts about gifts that people have given us. (In case you missed them, Instalments 1 and 2 are here and here.) Yes indeed: we have been given a vintage set of TV tables!

And a very nice set it is, if I do say so myself. I am so grateful to my new friend Judy, of Madoc, who called me up out of the blue not long ago and said: “I hear you’re looking for some TV tables!” Judy had a set that she felt she really didn’t need anymore (“Like any sensible person,” I bet you’re thinking), and she said she’d be more than happy to donate them to the growing collection of mid-20th-century furnishings and artifacts here at the Manse.

It was just a couple of weeks ago that Raymond and I finally had time to go pick them up, but I want to tell you that I’ve already put Judy’s TV trays to good use. When we had a large crowd of family members for dinner on New Year’s Day, those little folding tables were awfully handy for storing desserts and silverware and other stuff.

I should also note that Judy’s gift is one with value: Raymond and I were visiting an antiques emporium in not-far-away Peterborough not long ago, and I found two sets of TV trays for sale there:

TV trays at Nostalgic Journey 1 TV trays at Nostalgic Journey 2

Neither, in my view, is as nice as the set Judy gave us; and both had a fairly hefty price tag on them.

So you see, the list of cool stuff that we’ve acquired – often because other people are just trying to get rid of it, but hey, that’s as good a reason as any! – continues to grow. Thank you for a colourful and useful addition to the Manse’s vintage look, Judy!

2 thoughts on “Showered with gifts (III): A set of TV trays, at last!

  1. Katherine, we LOVE our TV trays! (We have a set with scenes from each of the four seasons.) I was so excited when spotted the set at Lindsay’s Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for $5 back in the fall–as a kid, I always thought they were the coolest things when friends brought them out, but we never had them. (You know my mother well enough to know that eating in front of the TV was Not Done, with a very occasional exception for “The Wonderful World of Walt Disney”) And let’s just say we’ve made embarrassingly extensive use of them over the holidays, to the point where one of the supper prep jobs most nights involved setting up the TV trays with serviettes and water glasses. I think I’d better stop before I incriminate myself even more than I already have…

    • I don’t think it’s incrimination in the slightest, Nancy – I think it’s delightful! And as a proud new owner of old TV trays, I’m happy to hear how useful they are. Can’t wait to try ours out!

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