In praise of linen tea-towel calendars

Tea-towel calendar

Who knew that they still made linen tea-towel calendars? But sure enough, we have one for 2015. And it hangs right exactly where it should here at the Manse.

Okay, who remembers linen tea-towel calendars? I sure do. When I was a kid growing up here at the Manse one seemed to come my family’s way every year. I expect it was an easy and relatively inexpensive gift for an aunt or cousin or some such to give my mother at Christmas.

And so each Jan. 1 the new tea-towel calendar with its new picture – usually a rural scene of some sort – would be hung up, always in the same place: the door at the rear of the kitchen that leads to the back porch. (You know – the room that will someday be our conservatory.) And the previous year’s tea-towel calendar would come down and would start being used as – what else? – a tea towel. And would be used, and washed, over and over and over again, hundreds and probably thousands of times. Those calendars made for good and durable tea towels.

Back when Raymond and I bought the Manse almost three years ago, I reminisced to him about the annually changed tea-towel calendar that always adorned the back door of the kitchen. I believe I even located the little hole in that wooden door where the nail had been driven in to hold it. I thought that tea-towel calendars were a thing of the past – a homely (as in the British sense: “simple but cosy and comfortable”) and pleasant memory.

So you can imagine how tickled I was last summer when I discovered some 2015 linen tea-towel calendars for sale! They were off in a corner of the Saco branch of the rather funky Maine department store Reny’s, which itself is kind of a homely (simple but cosy and comfortable, remember) place. One of those calendars was in my shopping basket in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

And now that it is 2015, the tea-towel calendar is in its rightful place at the Manse. You saw that one coming, didn’t you?

4 thoughts on “In praise of linen tea-towel calendars

  1. What’s really impressive is that high-end doorknob – probably real gold – and the sophisticated security lock you have on that door.

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