Food news you need: where to get great local sausages

Seed to Sausage on Street View

Thanks to Google Street View, we can all see what sausage-making operation extraordinaire Seed to Sausage of Sharbot Lake looks like. Sadly, the retail end of things isn’t open in the winter. But fear not: I have found a place to buy their products – possibly the best sausages ever!

Ah, Friday night. Often it is a time for a musical interlude here at Meanwhile, at the Manse, as we try to have an entertaining and not-overly-demanding end to the work week. Tonight, however, instead of focusing on the pleasures of music, we’re going to focus on the pleasures of good eating. Good local eating, to be precise.

As far as I know I have no Teutonic or Eastern European blood whatsoever, but I do enjoy a meal that features good sausages. (The absolute best is an Alsatian-style Choucroute Garnie, sauerkraut topped with various kinds of sausages and other porky things, washed down with a nice Riesling, and ideally eaten in a place like the Brasserie de l’Isle Saint-Louis in Paris. Oh, am I digressing?)

Seed to Sausage back label

Proof of how local the superb Seed to Sausage sausages are: the address of the operation, south of Sharbot Lake.

As I wrote here, I discovered possibly the best sausages I’ve ever eaten, made locally to boot, at a food event held in Tweed this past September. The company that makes these extraordinary sausages is called Seed to Sausage, and it is based in tiny Sharbot Lake, about an hour’s drive east of Queensborough along Highway 7 (and then south a bit on Highway 38).

Now, Seed to Sausage does have a retail outlet at the Sharbot Lake home base, but it’s closed in the wintertime. And it has an actual store in Ottawa, but Ottawa is far. And so I’d been hoping to find someplace closer that might have these delectable sausages – and now I have! And that’s what I am here to report this evening. Because I think everyone who appreciates a good sausage every now and then needs to know.

So here’s the skinny (possibly the wrong word to use when one is talking about sausages): you can buy the products of Seed to Sausage at a new food store – it opened this past December – in downtown Belleville (249 Front St. to be exact) that is called Gourmet Diem. The store’s web page seems to be still under construction and doesn’t provide any information, but you can read about Gourmet Diem here, in a nice little story done by one of my students in the Loyalist College journalism program.

Seed to Sausage sausages

The Garlic Red Wine sausages feature wine from Prince Edward County. Nice!

Raymond and I finally got a chance to try some Seed to Sausage products from Gourmet Diem just this past week, and I am very happy to report that both the Jalapeno Cheese Curd Smokies (made, as I reported in that earlier post, with cheese curds from Empire Cheese of Campbellford, possibly the best local cheddar-cheese-maker of all) and the Garlic Red Wine sausages (made with wine from the Casa-Dea Estates Winery of Prince Edward County) were superb.

So there you go, fellow sausage lovers. Try them now, and thank me later. These are sausages that sing!

4 thoughts on “Food news you need: where to get great local sausages

  1. For readers of “Meanwhile, At the Manse” who live closer to Kingston than to Belleville, Tara Natural Foods in downtown Kingston (Princess Street) also carries Seed to Sausage products. Tara is noted for selling local products as much as possible.

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