Friends, bloggers, fibreglass – and the perfect kitchen stools

Modernical stool in Jadeite

This, people, is the kitchen stool I must have for the Manse. The only question is: in which colour? (Photo, and stool, from Modernica,

Ah, the internet. Where would we be without it?

I mean, if it weren’t for the internet, you wouldn’t be reading this instalment of Meanwhile, at the Manse, would you? And I wouldn’t be writing it.

But more to the point: if it weren’t for the internet I wouldn’t have met Elinor; and Elinor wouldn’t have found Tanya’s blog (and Tanya in fact wouldn’t even have a blog); and Tanya might well not have found Modernica; and therefore Tanya might not have the awesomely beautiful turquoise Modernica fibreglass stools in her kitchen that she wrote about in her blog. That (are you following my train of thought?) would be the blog that Elinor found on the internet. And shared with me. Whom she also found on the internet.

Life is good with the internet.

I’ve written about Elinor Florence before, in this post. She is the writerly genius behind the blog Wartime Wednesdays, which I very highly recommend, and also the author of the recently published novel Bird’s Eye View, which I also very highly recommend. (It has been such a success that its first printing sold out almost immediately and it’s gone into a second – and how often do you hear that about a first novel by a Canadian author?)

Elinor’s also been kind enough to contribute to Meanwhile, at the Manse, by way of thoughtful comments and general support. You see, she too is interested in old houses and their restoration, and I hope I’m not giving away any secrets if I tell you that those themes will play a part in her second novel.

Well: because Elinor keeps tabs on the doings at the Manse from her home all the way out in Invermere, B.C., she knew that I would be interested in the blog of a woman named Tanya, called Dans Le Lakehouse ( – and if you’re wondering why the blog’s name is different from the wording of its URL, go check it out [you’ll thank me!] and you’ll learn about how Tanya’s townhouse reno turned into a lake-house reno).

Now, as Tanya explains in her “About” section, she and her husband are do-it-yourself renovators (unlike Raymond and me) and she, like me, loves turquoise. And her turquoise showpiece is her DIY-reno-ed kitchen, which Elinor knew I’d love and which is here, in all its turquoise splendour:

DIY Turquoise Kitchen Makeover

The gorgeous turquoise kitchen – inspired by the colour of the vintage Pyrex collection! – of Tanya. Read lots more about it at Tanya’s blog, Dans le Lakehouse, here. (Photo from Dans le Lakehouse,

What I consider the best thing about this lovely kitchen – better even than the vintage turquoise Pyrex collection, which I also adore (though I am more of a Fire-King gal myself, when it comes to midcentury cook-and-serve-ware): those kitchen stools!

As I found in digging deeper into Tanya’s blog – she helpfully provides lots of links – they come from an American company called Modernica, and are made of fibreglass. They come in lots of colours, and there are different bases available. And I think they are precisely what we need when we finally get the Manse kitchen renovated and have our hoped-for kitchen counter, where guests can sit and sip wine and chat with Raymond and me as we prepare dinner and generally putz around our big and beautiful and well-laid-out kitchen.

(It will be kind of the exact opposite of our current tiny and kooky kitchen, which two people can’t begin to work in at once and which features the helpful inclusion of the household’s washing machine, along with our old but trusty Harvest Gold stove. Here, take a look at Raymond working in it – or trying to – the other evening:

Raymond in the kitchen

A spacious kitchen this is not.

Not quite up to Tanya’s kitchen, is it?)

Anyway, back to those Modernica fibreglass stools, which Tanya has a full post about here. I eagerly followed her link to Modernica’s website – have I mentioned that the internet is extremely useful? – and found just the one I want for the renovated Manse kitchen. And here it is!

Modernica stool red

Now, when I say “just the one,” I mean the style; I really like the metal frame. What I haven’t quite decided on yet is the colour. Modernica has lots of great colours on offer, though I can’t seem to find the turquoise shade that Tanya got – which is okay, because I think it’d be a tad bright for the Manse anyway. The one I’ve shown you at the top of this post is a great vintage colour called Jadeite, which I thought was appropriate since the most collectible of the aforementioned vintage Fire-King ware is in that colour. The one immediately above is, of course, red, my true favourite colour. But there are lots of other options, and I welcome your votes! Here are just a few:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Don’t you just love them? Won’t they make for a happy Manse kitchen? Don’t you want to just come sit in them, and sip wine and chat with Raymond and me while we cook?

Thank you, Tanya. Thank you, Elinor. Thank you, Modernica. And thank you, internet!

4 thoughts on “Friends, bloggers, fibreglass – and the perfect kitchen stools

  1. I love how the internet connects us to fabulous people and fun spaces – and, perhaps not always so great, amazing things to buy, lol. These stools are fabulous and I will happily attest to their impressive quality and amazing comfort. I’m very, very pleased with my purchase and long after my bright kitchen is laid to rest, I’ll have the stools for certain. The style you picked out is lovely – I like how delicate the frame is and it looks really timeless. Thanks so much for sharing my kitchen and saying such nice things about. You definitely make me smile! Now I’m going to nose around the rest of your blog…

    • So lovely to hear from you, Tanya! And it’s good to hear that you still like those gorgeous Modernica stools as much as you did when you first bought them. Yes indeed, the internet is wondrous for bringing together like-minded people and sharing great design ideas – but you’re also so right when you hint at the damage it can cause to one’s bank account (or credit-card bill) when you discover the newest thing that you just have to have! Your lakehouse is just gorgeous, and I am so envious of your DIY abilities!

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