More inspiration for a beautiful bathroom

Disclaimer from Katherine: the captions below most of the photos you see in this post are by, and frankly not up to my standards of capitalization and punctuation. Unfortunately I can’t change them because of the way Houzz insists they be embedded. So please enjoy the lovely photos – and hold your grammatically discerning nose at the captions!


Here in the dark, cold days of winter, I find it cheering to dream about bathroom renovations. Why bathroom renovations particularly? I’m not sure, actually; lord knows every room here at the Manse is in need of at least some renovation work. But there’s something about visions of a sparkling, well-lit (with as much natural light as possible), beautifully designed bathroom that just makes a person feel better on a dreary late-January day. It could well be that it’s the prospect of sinking into a deep, hot bubble bath in that sparkling, elegant bathroom that really brings a body comfort when the wind howls outside.

Bathroom in the home of Pilar Guzman

The bathroom of my dreams. (Photo from

Anyway, quite some time back I told you about, and showed you a photo of, what I considered – and still do, really – the perfect style of bathroom for the Manse. You can see that photo right here and the original post here; go ahead, admire that bathroom all over again!

But the other day I came across images of another bathroom that has to be a pretty close second. They were at Houzz (, a big home-design site that posts so much stuff so often that there’s no way anyone other than the proverbial lady or gentleman of leisure could find time to keep tabs on it all. I don’t even try.

But a Houzz post one day last week did catch my eye, and chalk that up to the aforementioned wintry conditions and the way they make you long for a luxurious bathroom.

The link to it from Facebook was headlined something along the lines of “Latest looks for the smaller bathroom.” Aha! Right now the Manse has only one bathroom (a situation I wrote about here and here); it is a rather enormous room that is inconveniently, and mystifyingly, located on the ground floor of the house, right inside the front door. Raymond and I are interested in turning it into a smaller secondary bathroom, the kind with just a sink and toilet (you’ll note I’m avoiding using the phrase “powder room,” which I detest), and maybe also a shower. And so, seeing “latest looks” and “smaller bathroom,” I clicked on the link.

And inside that post (which is here) I found another link, to the gorgeous bathroom that you see atop this post. Which I adore. Were it not in New Jersey, I might go knock on the front door and ask to see it in person.

Houzz writer Becky Harris calls it a bathroom with a “vintage apothecary style,” and while obviously I know what an apothecary is, I don’t really know what “apothecary style” means. But I do know that I love the bathroom. Here, to show you the brilliance of the owners of the home it’s in (along with the designer who worked with them), is the thoroughly depressing Before photo:


And here’s another of the After:


And another:


And another:


And one more:


Isn’t it beautiful?

I think one of the main reasons this wonderful, bright bathroom appeals to me is that the tile on the walls, though high-end and gorgeous, is of a colour not unlike the low-end and genuinely vintage tiles that are on our bathroom wall here at the Manse – and that were there way back in the long-ago days when I was a kid growing up in this same house:

Bathroom tiles

Yes, they’re old. (Older than I am! They were here when I was a kid in this house.) Yes, they’re cheap. But I’ve always liked the colour (gentle blue swirls on cream, accented by black trim) of these tiles in the Manse’s bathroom. Wouldn’t it be nice to pay tribute to them with a higher-end version such as those featured in Houzz’s “apothecary-style” bathroom?

Cheap though those tiles may be, I always liked their tranquil pale-blue-and-white colour, set off with black trim. And I would love to pay homage to them with some much nicer and better ones (with black trim) like in the “apothecary-style” bathroom that Houzz was good enough to feature.

So: more dreaming of beautiful bathrooms. All in all, not a bad pastime for a winter’s night in Queensborough, if you ask me.

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