Queensborough people, I need your help: where to toboggan?

Toboggan at the Manse

As you can see from this photo taken in 2012, during our first Christmas after the purchase of the Manse, Raymond and I have a swell, sturdy Canadian-made vintage toboggan (brought back from a summer vacation in Maine) all ready for use in Queensborough. But, people: where at the tobogganing hills?

Today I was delighted to receive a comment here at Meanwhile, at the Manse, from Lisa, whose family are the new(ish) owners of a pretty little house in our pretty little hamlet – as it happens, the house that features what I think is the prettiest mailbox in town (as I wrote here) – and I suspect we have Lisa to thank for that.

Anyway, she has a question that I am embarrassed to say I can’t answer. Had she asked it 45 years ago, when I was a 10-year-old living here in the Manse in Queensborough, I’d have been all over it; because when you’re a 10-year-old, one of the things you do in winter is go tobogganing. And that’s what Lisa’s question was about: “Would you be able to point us in the direction of a decent toboggan hill nearby?”

Now that I’m a whole lot older, and even less enamoured of the cold and snow than I was when I was a kid, I have to confess that since Raymond and I bought and returned to the Manse, I have done zero exploration of the toboggan-hill possibilities around Queensborough. (My current idea of a fun winter activity is sitting in a comfortable chair, in front of a crackling fire, with a good book.) So this is where you come in, people!

When I was a kid in this house, my brothers and sister and I, and other neighbourhood kids, used to toboggan down the hill that was the vast front yard of the home right next to the Manse, then owned by the Walker family, who had young kids of their own. In the years since, however, that hill has been made much less steep with the addition of fill, and it is now part of the spacious and gorgeous gardens of our neighbours Brian and Sylvia. (You can see some photos of those gardens in late summer here, and a video about them here.)

As I recall, however, we also tobogganed on the hills and fields that lie right behind Lisa’s house, an expanse running from just opposite St. Andrew’s United Church to the south to just behind the houses on Queensborough Road on the western edge of the village. Do people still do that? Is it allowed?

Or are there other spots, perhaps a little further afield, where kids (and adults) can enjoy the feeling of whipping through the snow on a well-crafted toboggan (or a well-chosen piece of cardboard box, which as I recall also works well)?

I throw this one out to the wisdom of the community of the GQA – the Greater Queensborough Area. Would you share your tobogganing tips?

2 thoughts on “Queensborough people, I need your help: where to toboggan?

  1. Toboggan hill? As you mentioned the hill at Walkers was always fun my cousins Ted an Susan Walker and my Aunt Bet would have lots of fun we also would go in the field behind the house and toboggan there

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