For a little place, there’s a lot going on

Potluck Supper flyer“I am so tired of the snow!” my mum, Lorna, exclaimed when I called her tonight. In that I believe she was echoing the sentiments of approximately 100 per cent of the people I know.

I am pleased to report, however, that the good folks at the Queensborough Community Centre committee have come up with a way to break up the long cold dreariness of this winter (and in particular this February): the annual community potluck supper is taking place this coming Sunday. If you’re in the Queensborough area, or are of a mind to visit, you should just whip up your favourite dish to share and come on over to the community centre, our historic one-room schoolhouse. There’ll be lots of excellent food, the aforementioned historic surroundings to admire (including a nice old-fashioned portrait of the Queen, such as all one-room schoolhouses used to sport), and a chance to share the local news and bemoan the frigid weather with people you know and perhaps some you don’t – yet.

Now, Raymond and I are members of the Queensborough Community Centre committee, wholehearted supporters of community get-togethers, and very appreciative eaters of the food that is served at Queensborough events. Unfortunately, however, because of a prior commitment, we won’t be able to take in this Sunday’s event. The good news, though, for us and for you, is that there are lots of other community events coming up in Queensborough in the next few months.

I know this not only because I’m a member of the QCC committee, but because I helped put together the latest edition of its newsletter that went out to local households the other day, along with the flyer about the potluck supper. As I was finishing the final formatting, and proofreading it one last time, the thought struck me: “My goodness but there’s a lot going on in Queensborough!” Here, I’ll show you:

QCC Newsletter February 2015

And that’s only a little over the first half of the year!

Pancake Breakfasters in Queensborough

Last year’s pancake breakfast at our old one-room schoolhouse – it’s always a very popular event.

I mean really: a potluck supper; an old-fashioned church supper at St. Andrew’s United Church; an always-popular pancake breakfast (we take our food seriously in Queensborough – can you tell?); the annual celebration of spring in which kayakers come down the Black River and over the falls in our village – and we of course sell them food, in the form of hamburgers, hot dogs and homemade pies; the annual summer drop-in program for kids that is always a big success with young families; and the one that is maybe most exciting of all for me (because I love yard sales): a giant community yard sale! Oh, and of course there’s more food in August, with a community corn roast. (Did I mention that good food is important to us here in Queensborough?)

And here’s the thing: this newsletter, dashed off in time for this week’s distribution, doesn’t even tell you everything that’s going on or coming up. The QCC committee is talking about one or two other special events, including maybe a community cleanup in which volunteers from throughout the village and surrounding areas would spend a day picking up roadside trash and generally sprucing things up; I expect there would also be food involved, because – well, you know.

Our Backyard street signs photo

New street signs, a project of the Queensborough Beautification Committee.

And in addition to all this, the hard-working volunteers at another community group, the Queensborough Beautification Committee, will doubtless have other plans and projects on the go for this year. They’re the folks who previously have brought the community beautiful planters for the entrance signs to the village and the historic sign in the centre of it, and, last year, new designed-and-made-in-Queensborough street signs, complete with hanging baskets of flowers.

I really was struck, as I was putting that quick newsletter together, at what a busy little place our community is. For such a small population, we do a pretty great job when it comes to putting together events and gatherings and chances to share fun and food with our neighbours and friends.

Community spirit is evidently alive and well in Queensborough. And here’s the thing: visitors are always welcome to come see our pretty little neck of the woods and take part in our special events and gatherings. Please do!

I promise you’ll be well-fed.

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