Sieste the Manse Cat is the queen of routine.

Sieste in her bed

Sieste the cat where she likes to be of an evening (and for much of the day): on the living-room couch, in her bed. Or should I say, “On her throne”?

Since moving to the Manse from her old home in Montreal, Sieste the cat has developed quite a lot of routine in her life. I think it keeps her grounded. Because she is a very important part of daily life at the Manse – she is one-third of our house’s total occupants, after all – her routine has a fairly big impact on the routine of the other two-thirds of the occupants, who are Raymond and me.

Here is Sieste’s daily routine:

  • If the humans aren’t out of bed at 6 a.m. (which is when the female usually gets up on weekdays to go to work), make some noise – in fact, make quite a bit of noise – and try to force the issue. If it’s the weekend, and therefore the noise isn’t working and the humans are clearly going to sleep a bit longer, return to own bed on downstairs chesterfield.
  • Spend the first part of the morning up and about. Eat. Drink. Examine things. Watch humans get start on day. Retire to own bed on chesterfield by 9:30 a.m. or so. It is time for long morning nap.
  • Have lunch at some point. Begin long afternoon nap.
  • Be very, very quiet and unobtrusive during these long daytime naps, and even when awake during daytime. Male human is, after all, working. Or maybe out in town running errands. Either way, no need to yowl. There’s good napping to be had.
  • When female human returns from work about 6 p.m., wake up loudly. Yowl. Say hello. Say, “Where have you been?” Continue yowling. Prowl about. Eat. Yowl. Drink. Yowl. Watch humans start to make supper. Yowl. Yowl some more. Seek attention. Demand attention. Demand that early-evening tradition, dispensation of cat treats by female human, be fulfilled. Snarf up cat treats and be quiet. For two minutes. Then yowl some more.
  • When female human sits down at vintage telephone table between 7:30 and 8 p.m. to call her mum (who used to be the châtelaine of this house, though little does Sieste know that), yowl like all get out. Female human is paying attention to person on the other end of the red phone, not Sieste. This requires the lodging of a long and loud series of complaints throughout female human’s telephone conversation.
  • Upon completion of telephone conversation, and as dinner is being served by and for humans, settle down again in own bed on chesterfield. With any luck there will be an episode of Downton Abbey or The Good Wife or, in summer, a Red Sox game, to be watched on the television before humans retire to bed. This television thing is useful because it places humans in the living room, one of them on chesterfield. Near Sieste. All are together. There is quite a bit of stroking of Sieste’s fur. There is attention. Sieste is queen of her subjects, and in fact of all she surveys.
  • “Life is good,” thinks Sieste. “It is time for bed.”

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