An arty Madoc mystery

Art signs in Madoc

One example of an intriguing thing that’s going on in the nearby village of Madoc. I think it’s arty, but that’s all I know. Who’s behind the eye-catching signs? What are they for? Is it art for art’s sake? I don’t know, but I like it. And I like the mystery.

I spotted this bright sign on a telephone pole in downtown Madoc this past Saturday, and did a double-take. At first I assumed it was a handmade advertisement for painting services. But of course it wasn’t: it just said PAINTING – no company name, no phone number, no website, no email. “Hmmm,” thought I. “Something’s up.”

Then this morning on my drive south through Madoc from the Manse in Queensborough, on my way to work in Belleville, I realized that a whole bunch of telephone poles had similar signs on them, all in very bright colours:

Art sign Culture sign

Something’s up in Madoc!

I checked the websites of the local high school and elementary school (Centre Hastings Secondary and Madoc Public School): nothing. There’s been nothing so far in the local press. (Does that mean that with this report I have a scoop?)

It’s all very intriguing. Clearly it’s got something to do with the arts scene. Why, maybe the signs themselves are an art installation! But who’s the artist? Why are the signs there? What’s the underlying message?

They remind me a bit of the bumper sticker Raymond has on his red truck, a message brought all the way from Stonington, Maine, a small town with a lively cultural scene:

Incite Art bumper sticker

Incite art. Create community: Is that what someone, or some group of people, is trying to do in Madoc?

If so, I say “Bravo!” A thriving arts and cultural scene is a proven way to make a community interesting and lively.

Also: there’s nothing better than a good mystery.

8 thoughts on “An arty Madoc mystery

  1. I will certainly look forward to reading the next instalment and hopefully the answer to this mystery! Wish I has thought of it to get publicity for the Food for Thought Art Show and Auction fundraiser for the Food Bank in August!!

  2. Let me help you out! The signs are done by artist Diane Woodward as a promotion for a newly forming group called Madoc friends of the arts. We are having a meeting Thursday March 5th at 530 and are always looking for a new people. At present planning is underway for a March 27th venue at the madoc Arts Center. Curious ? You can message me via facebook which I check frequently or email me for details. We have a wealth of artsy people hidden away in this community who would love to share their talents. Our goal is to support them and show what a vibrant interesting community we have.

    • Anthea, thank you so much for solving the mystery for me (and others in the Madoc area)! As you’ll see from tonight’s post, I’ve shared with other readers the information you so kindly provided. Congratulations to you and all who are involved in organizing this excellent community initiative!

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