And the prize for the most impressive icicle goes to…

Biggest icicle of the winterWell, it seems to have happened, right around the time of the dreaded (by me, anyway) return of Daylight Saving Time: spring is officially in the air. Why, everybody I met today was positively gleeful about the warmth of the sunshine, the 5C temperature, and the melting snow and ice. After this harsh, brutal winter, there is hope! Spring will come!

But before it does, I have to show you this photo of what I have decided is the prizewinning icicle, for this winter anyway, in all of Queensborough. It’s in a very significant place, too: the east side of one of the most historic buildings in our historic village, the former McMurray’s General Store (and before that, Diamond’s Hotel, and before that, the American Hotel; this impressive building was erected as a hotel when Queensborough was a bit of a boom town in the early 1850s).

Now, there has been competition for the prize of most impressive icicle of the winter. Thanks to the bitter cold and all that comes with it, pretty much every house in Queensborough had a quite glorious display of icicles. Here, for instance, is a photo of one of the better ones at the Manse, taken this past weekend:

Icicles at the Manse

Icicles large and not-so-large at the Manse: the one on the upper story, outside the window of the study, was probably four feet long. Not bad, but not the champion.

But that icicle in front of our study window was as nothing compared to the one down at the former McMurray’s store. That was an icicle (I am using the past tense deliberately, because I expect that thanks to the moderating temperatures it will be gone by the time you read this) worthy of the name! It had to be at least 20 feet from top to bottom!

Very impressive. But listen, speaking of icicles: how many of you remember breaking off the smaller-sized ones and sucking them like popsicles, the taste of the wool of your red mittens mixing with the cold clear tastelessness of the ice?

I don’t know about you, but I have to say: could have used a little sugar.

2 thoughts on “And the prize for the most impressive icicle goes to…

  1. Katherine I well remember doing that and also our daughter Jeanne, her son Dan and I were down to the old store a few weeks ago as Dan was interested in Jos’ work, he is taking welding. I was enquiring as to whether the round bars were still on the front doors as I am sure every winter when it was frosty we would stick our tongue on the bars and of course loose a bit of skin off it. Seems we never learned. Didn’t get to stop at your place as I knew from your post earlier that you were away that Sunday. Will get back down when the weather gets more dependable.

    • We look forward to seeing you folks, Barb! Once the weather gets so that no one loses any skin from their tongue on the cold metal bars. (Believe me, I did that lots too, once upon a time!)

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