The Magic Bus comes to Queensborough

Internet installation

Ryan from Elite Electronics of Tweed setting up our internet this afternoon. Yay!

“My love, I can’t believe it,” Raymond exclaimed to me just now. “Xplornet has come to Queensborough!” Raymond has been bustling around the house for the past few minutes, setting up all our communications devices to talk to our Apple AirPort wi-fi box – which in turn is talking to the wondrous, magic little Xplornet box that is bringing real, honest-to-God internet to the Manse!

I thought this day would never come. So, probably, did longtime readers, who have been patient and sympathetic as I groused many, many times about the lack of speedy internet at something approaching a reasonable cost here in our little pocket of Eastern Ontario. (For a post that takes you to links telling the whole long, sad saga, click here.)

That real, honest-to-God internet is being beamed our way from a tower that Xplornet – the company charged with providing high-speed internet to Eastern Ontario – recently erected a bit northeast of Queensborough. The tower went live not long ago, and throughout our little village people are signing up for service, after years of the frustration and expense of second-rate solutions.

Today it was our turn. Ryan, a very nice young man from Xplornet outlet Elite Electronics in Tweed, arrived as scheduled this afternoon. He attached some sort of receiver thingy to the exterior of the Manse, strung a cable into the house, and set up the magic box that brings us internet. When we attach that magic box to the AirPort, we suddenly have internet all over the house.

The Magic Box

The internet control centre: the magic Xplornet box (small black thingamabob at right) connected to the AirPort (larger white thingamabob at centre), all of which bring us internet all over this old Manse. A vintage footstool found at a Maine antique market seems just right thing for the setup.

And it’s fast internet! And we have lots of it!

We opted for the super-duper Xplornet package that gives us 200 gigabytes a month (download speed of “25 Mbps,” whatever that means) so that we can stream House of Cards on Netflix and Red Sox games to our heart’s content. And our monthly bill will be about the same as the minimum we were paying previously for a wireless internet setup that gave us the barest of bare-bones service. (And sometimes sticker shock.)

It’s all so exciting! No wonder Raymond was exclaiming as he set up the devices. It’s wondrous! It’s magic! It makes we want to sing! And so here’s a song that came into my head when I wrote that bit about the Magic Box. From 1968 – the era when I was a kid growing up in this Manse. Who would have thought way back then that internet magic would not only exist, but be right here in little Queensborough?

8 thoughts on “The Magic Bus comes to Queensborough

  1. Up early here in North Myrtle Beach, readin’ redneck stuff and cheering for our friends in Queensborough!! So glad to have you join us in century 21!

  2. An awful lot has changed since the “Magic Bus” days! Who would ever have thought that we would live in such a world. I don’t understand this interwebby thingy very well. I do love it and I suspect it IS magic!

    ……..and speaking of magic, it fills me with wonder, that after so many years, the opening bars of a song like “Magic Bus” and so many others of that time, still gives me with such joy. It takes me back to my tween and teen years as I discovered all the wonderful music – that was mine.

    I had the “Live at Leeds” album; the “Magic Bus” version on that was amazing. I may have worn the record out!

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