A delicious cure for the unseasonable-weather blues

Ham Supper 2015April snowAs I write this, on April 8, long past the official first day of spring, the weather outside is frightful. The snow is belting down on top of a layer of freezing rain and sleet, the wind is howling, and the Manse’s lawn, which only this morning was almost entirely green – okay, a mottled brownish-yellowish-green, but still – is now a blanket of white once again. It’s enough to make a person feel a bit discouraged. Why, just look at that jaunty little cap of snow that our back-of-the-Manse thermometer is sporting, even as it shows the temperature plunked firmly down at the freezing mark. Yikes!

St. Andrew's Easter 2

St. Andrew’s United Church, Queensborough, home of the longstanding tradition of the community Ham Supper.

Do you know what you need to do to get you out of the gloominess that such cold, nasty, unseasonable weather brings on? It is this: to make a promise to yourself that exactly one week from today, you will make the pleasant drive to pretty little Queensborough – which is sure to be almost snow-free by then, thanks to the mild temperatures in the forecast – and come to St. Andrew’s United Church for the annual Ham Supper. There you will join friends old and new and sit down to a hearty and delicious repast of ham, scalloped potatoes (some of them made by yours truly) and all the fixings, washed down with lots of strong church-basement tea, and topped off with a slice (or three) of the homemade pie that the women of St. Andrew’s are justly famous for. And you’ll do it knowing that in buying a ticket for this great meal (at what I’m sure you’ll agree is a bargain price), you’ll be supporting the good work of our historic little country church, which just happens to be celebrating its 125th anniversary in this Year of our Lord 2015.

So there – doesn’t that excellent plan make you feel better about today’s dismal weather? Aren’t you glad you have such a great old-fashioned community experience, and such a great meal, to look forward to just one week hence?

Are you hungry already? Good! Hold that thought. And we’ll see you next Wednesday. Raymond will be the one pouring the church-basement tea. Be sure to say hi!

4 thoughts on “A delicious cure for the unseasonable-weather blues

  1. Sounds wonderful – a bit of a hike for us though. Maybe I’ll make some scalloped potatoes in your honour next Wednesday!

    Oh that tea! My mother made that sort of tea.

    A friend and I visited acquaintances from Cape Breton once and were served this type of tea; from then on we have called it Cape Breton tea. A vacation to Cape Breton this summer brought back a LOT of memories.

    A little hard on the tummy.

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