A mysterious nighttime visit

Horse poop near the Manse

On a crisp late-fall morning, we awoke to an interesting surprise: piles of horse poop! You can see four of them in this photo showing the north side of the Manse. We’d had some large four-legged visitors in the night. And even though our bedroom (the right-hand window on the second floor) looks right onto this spot, we didn’t see or hear a thing.

I’m sure that regular readers of Meanwhile, of the Manse will have long ago figured something out: that there is never a dull moment in Queensborough.

Oh, I know our little hamlet may appear supremely tranquil most of the time. I know that when you drive through you may see only one or two other vehicles, one of them very possibly a piece of farm equipment; or you may see none at all. I know that the most human activity you might spot is someone (maybe me) raking leaves from her lawn, or “Sheriff” John Barry mowing the grass along a roadside and keeping the place looking tidy.

Ah, but those of us who live here and keep tabs on things – and that would be everybody, of course – know that there’s always something of interest to keep an eye on and talk about.

I mean, think about the early spring, when whitewater kayakers from all over the place flock to Queensborough for hot coffee and homemade pie after they thrill us all by going right over the dam in their tiny craft:

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Think about our church suppers and skating parties and the laughter-filled summer day camp for kids up at the Queensborough Community Centre. Think about the springtime thrill you can get when you hear a chorus of peepers in the marshy area that’s close to the centre of the village. Or the fun, a little later in the year, of watching two big families of Canada Geese parading the young’uns down by the Black River. Or of spotting the otters that are known to frolic in the river. Or – speaking of wildlife – a deer walking right into town:

No, there’s never a dull moment. Why, don’t you remember the time I told you about when the cows came to visit?

Cows come to Queensborough

One time when some cows came to visit Queensborough. (Photo courtesy of Anne Barry)

Now that’s something you don’t see every day – in Queensborough or anywhere else.

Which leads nicely into my very latest example of how there’s never a dull moment in Queensborough. Because do you know what we saw when we all woke up this past bright Saturday morning? I’ll tell you what: horse poop all over the place!

I kid you not, people.

I spotted it as I was opening the curtains on the north side of our Manse. In several spots in the big open yard next door were dark piles. At first I thought it was the work of moles, or voles, who are not uncommon here, creating piles of dirt on the surfaces of lawns as they tunnel their way underground.

But closer inspection of the dark piles next door and the one on the front lawn of the Manse revealed otherwise. This was poop! From large animals! And once you started looking around, you realized there were plops of it all through town, in streets and on grassy areas. What the deuce?

Was it the cows again, making a return visit under cover of darkness while we all slept? No, I think not. I think (and I am not alone in this theory) that it was something rather more interesting: horses! Because those piles of poop look to me distinctly like horse poop. If you don’t mind an agricultural closeup, I’ll show you and let you decide:

Horse deposit

Now, I have to tell you that I am thoroughly amused at the idea of a large group of horses roaming through downtown Queensborough of a Friday night (or very early Saturday morning) and leaving several deposits as evidence of their visit. I actually think it’s hilarious, because – well, because it’s further proof that there’s never a dull moment in Queensborough. I gather a few residents did not respond to the midnight visit with quite the same equanimity and amusement as I did, but hey – what are you going to do? It’s almost winter, and the horse manure will be good fertilizer for our lawns as it works its way in under cover of snow.

And besides, I am tickled to death by the idea that a whole herd of horses – I mean, there must have been a lot of them, given the number of piles of poop – tromped into Queensborough right under our snoring noses and (as far as I know) nobody saw a thing! How long did they stay? When did they leave? Did someone round them up, or did they just decide that since the stores were closed they might as well head on back home?

I’m a pretty sound sleeper, for which I am a bit sorry. Judging by the location of the poop, several of those horses were practically outside our bedroom window. One would think they would have made some whinnying-type noises, but Raymond and I didn’t hear a thing. Wouldn’t it have been something to wake up in the night and see a bunch of fine-looking draught horses (because I think that’s what they were; there is a farm just up the road where several beautiful draught horses live) under our window?

Horse poop outside the Kincaid house

Another view of the nighttime deposits on the property next to the Manse.

Then again, the fact that we didn’t see this exciting event just adds to its allure. Makes it a bit mysterious, you know. The Herd of Horses That Came In The Night – it’s got kind of a ring to it, doesn’t it?

Ah, Queensborough. Where you just never know what might happen next.

4 thoughts on “A mysterious nighttime visit

  1. writing from Fredericton where we are visiting our boys. glad to read of the ” Little Town With Horsepower.” Anyway, I think that that picture that Anne Barry took could be a wonderful Debra Tait-Sears painting! Love to have it on our wall beside her painting of the geese by the little white church. (Your post reads a bit like a Nancy Drew novel.)

    • Great to hear from you all the way from Fredericton, GnG! I like your new motto for Queensborough – very apropos. This morning the piles of horse poop had a jaunty little white cap of snow on them! As for Anne’s photo, yes, isn’t it splendid? It does look like a painting!

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