Surrounded by beauty

Sparkling morning on Queensborough Road

Winter has come late to the Queensborough area this year, but come it finally has. This past couple of weeks we’ve seen buckets of snow mixed with several bouts of freezing rain. It’s been kind of miserable, especially given day upon day of cloudy greyness. But then, a few mornings ago, we woke up to a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant sunshiny day.

It was the morning after yet another round of freezing rain had coated roads, fields and, notably, tree branches. But instead of my drive to work in the morning being a slippery endurance test under grim skies, it was a study in, and a reminder of, the beauty that surrounds us here in North of 7 country.

The roads had been well-sanded by the time I set out around 8 a.m., so I didn’t even have to think about (to use a phrase from my misspent late-teen years) keeping ‘er between the ditches. Instead, I drove west along Queensborough Road absolutely stunned at how beautiful the icy-branched trees and the snowy landscape looked underneath a sparkling blue sky and a radiant morning sun. “I should stop and take a picture!” I kept saying to myself. And finally, after rounding the huge curve in the road by the old Sager Brothers farm (everyone from Queensborough knows the one I mean), I had the sense to actually do it.

And so, people, you have just a brief post from me this Monday here at Meanwhile, at the Manse. It’s partly because I’ve been really busy with non-blog activities, notably some volunteer work for St. Andrew’s United Church here in Queensborough. And partly because I’m saving up for what I am reasonably confident will be some humdinger posts based on excellent and surprising comments that have been coming in from readers near and far, on posts old and new.

But mainly it’s because I think the photo speaks for itself. Don’t you wish you lived here?

10 thoughts on “Surrounded by beauty

    • It really was a magical morning, Tracy and Johannah. So nice that I was able to share a bit of it with you folks in faraway Montreal (and others in ever farther-away places) thanks to the magic of the internet!

  1. I DO! Live here that is! It was a beautiful morning, and I realized as I drove south to Belleville that the greatest beauty was north of 7!

    • I absolutely agree, Pauline! There were lovely vistas south of 7 too on that sunshiny winter day, but the most magical views were in the place that you and I are both fortunate enough to call home. Aren’t we lucky?

  2. Yes, Katherine there are still lots of days I wish I still lived in the Village, or Bobbie and Bernice were still around to visit, but we have also had many happy years here in Peterborough.

    • Barbara, you and Don are the kind of people who have a good life wherever you are. I am just so glad that you get back to Queensborough now and again to visit, and share memories. The pancake breakfast this year is May 1 – hope to see you there!

  3. Katherine it amazes me that you, in the first place with your busy schedule have the time to write all these blogs, and then take the time to reply to every comment you receive. Yes, I hope we can make it down to the pancake breakfast again this year. It is one of the more pleasant visits to see many people in a short period of time.

    • Thanks, as always, for the kind words, Barbara. I’m sure you’ll be interested to hear that by the time of the pancake breakfast, we hope to have the beautiful old tin ceiling of the Queensborough Community Centre (or the school, as I think of it and I expect you do too) repainted. Won’t that be grand?

  4. Dear Katherine, I’ve so enjoyed your blog over the last year and a half. It has been both a trip down memory lane and an asset in integrating into my new home and community. Thank you.
    I wondered if you could help me?
    I grew up in Madoc where my grandfather and father owned a hardware store for about 70 years. Like yourself, after being away for a long time, 50 years in my case, I have retired in Hastings County – bought an old school house, south of Moira Road just minutes from Hwy 62, 2 years ago.
    With my renovations pretty well complete I determined to indulge myself with a cat. In October, I adopted a rescue cat, part of a seizure of 100 cats from P.E.Co in July. “Pinot” is a black North American shorthair about 14-16 months old. She is a spayed female, healthy & just … lovely – everything I had hoped for.
    Unfortunately, I have become more & more allergic to her as she settled in and became increasingly affectionate, particularly in the last 6 weeks. I regret it but I’ve realized I really must find her a new ‘forever’ home where she can be stroked and caressed and loved as she needs and so rightly deserves. Would you know anyone who could give her a good & loving home?
    My phone number is 613 395 2537. Thank you, Charlotte Dafoe.

    • Charlotte, it’s lovely to hear from you again! I’m so sorry to learn that you can’t keep Pinot with you in your historic schoolhouse-turned-home (which I would love to see one of these times). I wish I could say that Raymond and I could offer her a home at the Manse, but we’ve just recently added two kittens to our cat supply, and I think turning this from a three-cat to a four-cat house might be a bit much. But I’m happy to put the word out about Pinot, and will do my best to help you find her a loving home. Do you have any photos you could email me to show folks how beautiful she is? (Of course I worry they might melt my heart.) If so, send ’em on to Cheers!

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