In which we are awed by, and thankful for, autumn’s colours

Hunt Club Road, Fall 2016

Hunt Club Road west of Queensborough, Oct. 10, 2016. As I wrote when I posted this photo on Instagram today: Sometimes I feel like I live in a storybook.

Happy Thanksgiving, Canadian readers! I hope you have much to be thankful for this holiday weekend – and that you have taken the time over these past few days to reflect on those blessings.

I think I’m safe in saying that here in our part of the world – that would be central/eastern Ontario – one thing that people are thankful for this year is a display of fall foliage that is better than anyone can remember. The beauty that one sees on a walk or drive or bike ride in the countryside is absolutely stunning, and has been for the past week or so. It won’t last too much longer; many of those rich red, gold and yellow leaves have already fallen. But while it does last, you owe it to yourself to get out and see it, if you can.

I haven’t yet come across a good scientific explanation for why the fall colours are so unprecedentedly vibrant this year. You have to think it’s the upside of the other environmental phenomenon we’ve experienced in recent months: a drought that’s the worst that anyone save a nonagenarian farmer from Cooper can remember. But when I went looking online just now for a possible connection between the drought and the amazing foliage, all I found were news stories from this past summer predicting a particularly drab foliage season because of all the dryness. Oops! The weather guy gets it wrong again. (I’ll spare the culprits further embarrassment by not linking to the stories containing those totally inaccurate predictions.)

Anyway, enough with the words. Raymond and I took a roundabout drive to town this morning for some dinner ingredients, and stopped many, many times to take photos. I make zero claim to be a good photographer, but I think even my poor efforts will give you a sense of how beautiful it is in and around Queensborough right now. I hope you enjoy the tour!

Black River, Queensborough, Fall 2016

The Black River in “downtown” Queensborough.

Fall colours in downtown Queensborough, 2016

The main street in “downtown” Queensborough.

Bosley Road, Fall 2016

Pasture on Bosley Road.

The old bridge over the Black River, fall 2016

Bridge over the Black River, Bosley Road.

Tree at the Mandzys', fall 2016

A flaming red tree on Bosley Road.

Ramsay Road, Fall 2016

Ramsay Road.

Laneway, fall 2016

Country laneway southwest of Queensborough.

Hunt Club Road 4, Fall 2016

Hunt Club Road, southwest of Queensborough.

Queensborough Road, Fall 2016

Queensborough Road just west of Queensborough.

And last but bot least, here’s my photograph of my favourite photographer (Raymond) taking a photograph of the gorgeous scenery that is just down the road from us:

Photographing the photographer, Hunt Club Road

Life is good, people. Very, very good.

8 thoughts on “In which we are awed by, and thankful for, autumn’s colours

  1. Hi Katherine! We travelled to O’Hara’s and Queensboro today and were blown away by the proliferation and intensity of the fall colour! We stopped several times for pictures and I believe we may have more than a few in common. I particularly enjoyed the drive on Queensboro Road where I reminisced about travelling to my grandparents for Thanksgiving dinner for many years. It was great to see the new roof and nice new paint on Hazzards Church too. As always, thanks so much for sharing!

    • Carol, it’s I who thank you, for your kind words and sharing of your own happy experience of seeing the lovely foliage in our area. I totally agree that Hazzards Church is looking splendid thanks to the recent renovations. We are looking good out here in Madoc and Elzevir townships!

  2. Thanks for the great picture-tour of our community. We have much to be thankful for , besides the bountiful meals that we all enjoyed.

  3. Hi Katherine,

    Your photos are beautiful, so nicely composed. They’re all lovely, but I like the one of Hunt Club Road, especially. I love the way the leaves provide a canopy of shade over the road, with the sun filtering through. And I like the one with the main street and the school bus as it makes its entrance onto the next street. Very nice! Thank you for sharing these.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Sash! Sometimes I despair of my photographic skills, so it’s very cheering when people say they like the photos. Then again, given the display the leaves have put on this fall, it’s pretty hard to go wrong. Even now, quite a few days after I took those pictures and after a lot of leaves have fallen, the countryside is still gorgeous.

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