Christmas cards on display, in traditional Manse fashion

Christmas cards 2016 at the Manse

Some of the beautiful Christmas cards that Raymond and I received this year, on traditional display at the Manse. We had to use three separate door frames to display them all. Thank you, everyone – and Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all five of us – Raymond and me, plus kitties Honey Bunny, Sadie and Beauregard – at the Manse. (I’m sending out my weekly post a day early so I can say that while it’s still Christmas.) I hope that as I write this, on what is for us a very quiet and pleasant Christmas night, you too are enjoying a quiet and pleasant Christmas night.

Sadie and winter wonderland

Sadie is one of the three Manse cats who join Raymond and me in wishing you a happy Christmas season.

And hey – thank you for all the nice Christmas wishes we have received from you! Some have come as face-to-face wishes, and some in comments here at Meanwhile, at the Manse; some as emails – and some as Christmas cards! I love Christmas cards, old-fashioned though I suppose they now are.

Raymond and I really enjoy receiving Christmas cards. We read each one carefully, and then put it on display in exactly the same way that my mum did in the long-ago days when I was a kid growing up at the Manse and, as the minister’s family, we received a gazillion Christmas cards.

Should you want to copy the Manse technique (by way of Lorna Sedgwick, my mum) for Christmas-card display, here’s what you do:

You take a roll of masking tape (something my dad, The Rev. Wendell Sedgwick, always had ready to hand), and you unroll a strip that’s exactly the length of the frame atop the door opening in your living or dining room. You tack it, sticky side out, at each end (and maybe a few places in the middle, if it’s a long opening and the tape is sagging). Then you run vertical strips down both sides of the door opening. And then you stick up the cards! The ones that open from the top get stuck along the top of the doorway, and the ones that open from the side go along the sides. (Raymond thought I was being too picky when I insisted on that separation of card placement by opening direction on our first couple of Christmases at the Manse, but since it was my mum’s way and I am a determined person, I have prevailed.)

And voilà! You have a lovely addition to the Christmas decor at your house. And every card on display reminds you of the nice person or people who sent it, and the seasonal wishes they included.

It’s a Christmas tradition from the Manse of the 1960s and ’70s that I am thoroughly tickled to have revived in the Manse of the 21st century.

Thank you again to all of you for your wonderful Christmas wishes. They make me want to do a Christmas dance! Want to join in? Here goes, and again, merry Christmas!

8 thoughts on “Christmas cards on display, in traditional Manse fashion

  1. Merry Christmas and thanks for the memory. I used to display family Christmas cards the same way on the arch between dining and living rooms in Madoc growing up in the 70s!:-)

    • And a happy new year to you, Wendy! I think it is high time you returned to the Christmas-card-display tradition. When I think of all those lovely woodwork doorways and archways in your historic home – perfect for the purpose!

  2. A very happy scene. Lovely to reflect on all those happy times, present and past.. congratulations. But, you are both still very much mussed at A and P.

    Tracy and Johannah

  3. The challenge these days is how to display all those Christmas greetings that arrive electronically. At least for my household, email “Merry Christmas” outnumbered the snail mail version at least 20 to one. And, of course, the same ratio applied in how we sent cards.

    • We share the dilemma, Keith – we received some very nice email and animated online Christmas greetings, but of course they can’t really displayed in my preferred midcentury way. But we appreciate them nonetheless!

  4. We’re not sure if we even got a card off to you guys. we were away from Nov 28-Dec 10 on a Christmas market Cruise on the Rhine, so our Christmas has been a bit of a whirl. However, we had everyone home for Christmas and Santa did come. All the best in 2017…GnG

    • We did indeed receive a lovely card from you folks, gng, and be assured it found its place in the old-fashioned Manse Christmas-card display. We are deeply envious of your pre-Christmas European trip!

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