Happy Valentine’s Day from Queensborough!

Valentines in Queensborough, 2017Thought I’d share with you nice people the delightful Valentine’s Day-themed touch that the volunteers with the Queensborough Beautification Committee have added to our made-in-Queensborough street signs.

Really, Queensborough is just the best. Isn’t it?

Bosley Road valentine

8 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day from Queensborough!

  1. I just read about the lovely signs made by Joss in your other post. They look lovely with hearts for Valentine’s Day. We must take a drive through Queenborough when the weather improves. I’ve driven by many times (used to travel the area for work) but never taken time to visit.

    • Linda, I certainly agree with you about our handsome made-in-Queensborough street signs. We are very lucky to have Jos here in our hamlet. Yes, please do come for a visit once spring arrives – I know you’ll appreciate our little storybook-like village!

    • I can’t take the credit for the Valentine’s hearts, or the July 1 flags, or the Thanksgiving pumpkins, or the Christmas decorations on our street signs in the appropriate seasons, Gary – those are all the work of our Beautification Committee volunteers. But I think they’d like me to say on their behalf: Thanks for the kind words!

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