The MTPS crew

The MTPS crew

Some of the core group of Madoc Township Public School supporters and activists who made it happen: from left, honorary member Brooklyn Gylyktiuk (an MTPS grad), plus some of the main crew: Wendy Spence, Margaret Heard, Randy Gray, Denise Gray, Holly Korman, Amy Beaton – and, I feel shy to say and very honoured because they asked me to be in the photo, me.

2 thoughts on “The MTPS crew

  1. Katherine – you should not feel shy for being asked to be in this photo – along with many others already mentioned (and probably some not!) you have played an instrumental role in keeping MTPS open with the publicity you have been able to bring to this campaign especially through your blog.
    Your prompt and informative explanations following each meeting, your knowledge of the process – and being able to keep us all informed of it in a succinct way, reminding us all of dates and deadlines had been a tremendous asset to all those involved – including the trustees I suspect!!
    Congratulations to you all on a well run, professional campaign which has achieved the end result you set to achieve – against all the odds it seemed in the beginning!
    Long Live MTPS!!

    • Thank you so much for your words, Sally – they really mean a lot. The campaign was so much work for everyone involved, but did it ever pay off! Every time I think about Madoc Township Public School not only remaining open but welcoming back students in Grades 7 and 8, a huge smile comes to my face. It is just such good news for our rural community – and, I hope, a harbinger of things to come in giving rural education and rural communities in Ontario a shot in the arm.

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