A deerfly song just for me, courtesy of my teenage hero

Joey Edwards

Joey Edwards: DJ, friend, and composer of a special song about my deerfly battles. (Photo courtesy of Joey Edwards)

Wow! Thank you so much to all of you who took the time to comment on my post of a couple of days ago. The “Glad to see you back” sentiment was overwhelming, and sure made me feel good. As anyone who’s undertaken the job of producing a blog knows, it’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time. (Especially when your internet is sometimes dodgy, as it can be here in Queensborough.) That’s the main reason – actually, the only reason – you hadn’t seen an instalment of Meanwhile, at the Manse for several months: as my father, The Rev. Wendell Sedgwick, always used to say, “So much to do and so little time in which to do it!”

Hat filled with dead deerflies

My first post in a long time here at Meanwhile, at the Manse was about the plague of deerflies we’re experiencing in Queensborough this summer. Here’s the deerfly catch on the sticky strip I attach to my walking cap – just one day’s worth.

Not all of those quick and kind responses came in the form of comments appended to my blog post about the Great Deerfly Menace of 2019. Some came in person and via email. And one of those emails – which was waiting in my inbox very early the morning after my deerfly post went up – came from none other than Joey Edwards!

Readers with long memories – and those who, like me, were pop-music-loving teenagers in the Hastings County area in the early 1970s – will recall Joey Edwards as the evening disc jockey (and this was when there actually were discs, i.e. records, to jockey) on CJBQ-AM radio out of Belleville. One of the most fun things that’s ever happened in the lifetime of this blog was when, almost five years ago, Joey made contact with me here, having spotted a reference I’d made earlier to his goofy, hilarious, best-music-ever-filled radio show, of which I was a huge fan when I was growing up here in the middle of the last century. From way off in a new life and career in Beijing, Joey has stayed in contact since then, and I’m pleased to say that thanks to Meanwhile, at the Manse, other fans of his radio work have been able to find and correspond with him too.

Anyway: Joey must have seen my post very soon after it hit the internet, because by the time I opened my email the next morning, there was already a message from him. And not just any message, people. It was a little song, just for me! About the walks I’d written about in which I enjoy the beauty of nature around Queensborough but truly hate the deerflies that come with it, especially this summer.

Like I said, it’s a little song, just one verse long. Here are the lyrics:

Katherine talks to Mother Nature
With a special request
Please Mother Nature
Can you tell your deer flies
To take a permanent rest!

Which is cute enough on its own, but the special effects on the recording are what make it. So now, without further ado, please allow me to share with you Katherine’s Deer Fly Ditty, by Joey & The Keep-on-Yuckin’ Band:

If this delightful gift is my reward for a long-in-the-making new Meanwhile, at the Manse post, then I sure am glad I sat down in front of the laptop once again. Joey, I cannot thank you enough. But right now – gotta go. I’ve got a walk to take. And some deerflies to fight off.

13 thoughts on “A deerfly song just for me, courtesy of my teenage hero

  1. Dearest Katherine, it’s the least I could do for my biggest and most beautiful fan……Hugs, Joey🤗

    • I think I’m just lucky (very lucky) to have Joey the composer as one of my readers, Bernie! And I see quite a few comments on your site, so I know you have readers too. Meanwhile, at the Manse readers who see the comments: BernieLynne’s cool blog, Equipoise Life, is here: she and her husband found and restored a beautiful early-20th-century Eaton’s Catalogue house in Saskatchewan, and she writes delightfully from there about rural life in her part of Canada.

    • Yes, he certainly did. He was on-air for 4 years at CKPT. And you can believe me because this is actually Joey Edwards replying🎧😂.

      • Thanks, Katherine, for passing that note on to me. I hope you and Raymond have a terrific 2020🌹!

        On Mon, Jan 6, 2020 at 7:54 AM Meanwhile, at the Manse wrote:

        > Katherine Sedgwick commented: “That’s awesome, Joey! Thank you!” >

  2. Well, this is a revelation. I used to work with Joey when I was just starting out in broadcasting back in very early eighties. That was at CKWS-AM Radio on Queen Street in Kingston, Ontario. It has literally been close to forty years since I last saw or spoke to him. No word of a lie, I repeated one of his bits with some hockey buddies just an hour ago (anyone remember Maharishi MyHat MyCoat? 😂), and thought “I wonder if I could find him now?”. I would really appreciate it if someone here could pass along his email address, FaceTime, or iMessage so I could reach out to him. I learned a ton from Joey – some of which I applied later in my broadcasting career, but I NEVER met anyone that was as funny as Joey. He outright made me CRY with laughter many times during his short tenure at CKWS. It would be amazing to be able to reach out to him now – in China, or if he is back in Canada. Feel free to send any info to me at monkeycrusher@icloud.com. Cheers all!

    • Hi Jeff! Great to see your note! Thanks to lovely Katherine’s blog, countless old radio friends (and fans of my show) have contacted me over the past couple of years! I had friends and fans?! I know it’s hard to believe. I’ll write more in detail later today…..Cheers, Joe🎤🎧

      P.S. Thanx, Katherine! You are the best❤️!

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