Let’s talk about beautiful refrigerators, retro-style.

I think these Big Chill fridges are the most beautiful I have ever seen. You can even commission a custom design, like the one on the left. Information: bigchill.com

One day recently I plugged some combination of “retro” and/or “vintage” and “appliances” into a Google Images search, I think during my research into the names of the colours those early-’70s beauties used to be. (Avocado Green and Harvest Gold and so on.) Up popped photos of possibly the most beautiful refrigerators I have ever seen. They look totally retro, but are in fact very modern. The styling, the colours: gorgeous.

They are made by an outfit in Boulder, Colo., and the brand name is Big Chill. The company’s website is here. They started out making fridges but now also make stoves, dishwashers, etc.

You’ll never guess what I especially like about this one. Okay, yes, you did guess: the colour.

One photo that particularly caught my eye is this one, and you can probably guess why: the great turquoise-and-white colour combination. (Has anyone else, by the way, noticed that turquoise seems to be popping up everywhere these days? In fashion spreads, in home-design spreads, in store windows – everywhere I look I seem to see turquoise. I guess lots of people know a good thing when they see it. Anyway, I digress. A bit.) Now, this one looks as 1950s as they come, doesn’t it?

Retro on the outside, modern on the inside.


But take a look at this next photo, a white model, and you’ll see that, once opened up, it’s a very modern fridge. (No having to use the electric kettle to defrost the freezer, in other words. Man, that brings back bad memories from the Manse era! As I recall my mum and dad would kind of take turns wrestling with the electric kettle and whatever came to hand to chip away at the thick buildup of ice, and the job always made both of them very grumpy. It certainly was messy. There is definitely something to be said for self-defrosting freezers and self-cleaning ovens, I have to say. I’m sure Betty Hofstadt Draper Francis would agree.)

Anyway, as you can doubtless tell, I’ve got my eye on a Big Chill refrigerator for the Manse. Next up: to find out if there are any Canadian dealers.