A classic Queensborough moment

Step 1 in the process of getting rid of the large maple-tree stump that was front and centre in the front yard of the Manse: using a special chainsaw with an extra-long blade to cut it down as close to ground level as possible. (Photo by Elaine Kapusta)

The exciting news is that the stump of the long-dead (and much-mourned) maple tree that was the best thing about the front yard of the Manse back in the day is that it is no more. Gone. I have already reported on how the plan was to chainsaw it down to as close to ground level as possible, after which the stump-removers would come in and grind the remains away. (This was all very kindly and helpfully arranged for us by our friends Elaine and Lud, who had some tree stumps of their own to deal with; we got a package deal.)

(And by the way, the very important next step is to plant a new maple tree in its stead, so that as soon as possible we will again have a beautiful tree in the front yard.)

Where once there was a stump, now just a huge pile of sawdust. (Photo by Elaine Kapusta)

The final part of the deed was done yesterday, and last night Elaine sent photos of the stump-grinding in action, which really is something: a remote-controlled operation that results in a whole lot of sawdust where a stump once stood.

Elaine also sent us a short video, which is cool in that it shows the remote-control unit that gets rid of the stump, but also in that it has some great colour commentary and good fun in it: stump-grinding going on, neighbours watching, and our excellent friend Johnny Barry, who has been so great about looking after the lawn and the grounds for us, making a surprise appearance at the end. Everyone having fun, and all for a good cause: that’s the way we do things in Queensborough. Here’s the video; enjoy!