… and Harvest Gold and – what were those other colours?

At the centre of things: in the Manse kitchen (at the very beginning of the move-in-and-tear-things-up phase), the dryer, in Harvest Gold.

Of course my last post‘s tribute (if that’s what you could call it) to the Avocado Green appliances of yesteryear wouldn’t be complete without a Part II, acknowledging Avocado Green’s slightly-later-on-the-scene competitor for our decor dollars, Harvest Gold. How do I know it was slightly later on the scene? Well, much as I hate to admit it, I do remember those days; plus I read this evening (in doing my research, you understand) that in 1969 Kenner introduced a swingin’ Avocado Green version of its Easy-Bake Oven, which was replaced by a Harvest Gold version in 1970. So there. Good times. (You can see the Easy-Bake through the years here.)

(I am also extremely pleased to note – see photo at right – that the very first incarnation of the Easy-Bake Oven came in none other than turquoise!)

Harvest Gold appliances may not be in too many homes anymore, but you can find them at the Manse. Currently the dryer (conveniently located in the kitchen, where it was back in our day as well, though it was a white Moffatt unit at the time), the electric stove, and the bathroom sink are all in that memorable colour.

But here’s my Friday-night question for you: there were two other appliance colours in the 1970s that were considerably less inescapable than Avocado Green and Harvest Gold, but fairly common nonetheless. One was a deep brown colour that I think might possibly have been called Burnt Almond, but I cannot seem to confirm that even with the help of the information superhighway. The other – which I will confess to having a fondness for, because basically I like all things red – was a deep red colour. Both it and the brown one were, as I recall, darker in colour at the bottom, getting lighter toward the top of the fridge or stove or whatever it was.

What were those two colours called, folks? Search those windmills of your mind and share with the rest of us. Even better, send some photos if you can find them!

6 thoughts on “… and Harvest Gold and – what were those other colours?

  1. LOL – shocking turquoise blue – I have this in my ensuite bathroom and it never ceases to create giggles when anyone sees it! However, why is it that I think an AGA or similar in this colour would be fantastically funky?

    Awesome blog btw. I have been reading for a while and really enjoying your escapades. I accidently came across it when I googled Queensborough before viewing the little red brick church for sale on the hill recently. I mentioned this to Shelley (our real estate lady) and she pointed out your lovely home to us. We are hopefully going to be purchasing a different church in Centre Hastings this summer and I would love to chat more about it “off blog” when you have time 🙂

    Maybe one day we can meet for coffee and swap reno stories, I’ve never blogged but yours inspires me to try to document our journey as you have so eloquently.

    • Paula, if you have a vintage turquoise Easy-Bake Oven in your bathroom, you are my kind of person! Very happy to have you at Meanwhile, at the manse. Raymond and I love to visit antiques-and-collectibles shops and flea markets, and I’ve come up with a few very funky things from the era of my childhood – and people inevitably comment on them when they see them. I think you’ve given me the idea for a new post – some photos of those “finds.” (Does it make me feel weird that I’m finding things from my childhood in antique shops? A little – but I get over it.) So you looked at the Queensborough Catholic Church – we did too, and Shelley Morley was our excellent realtor as well. I will email you because I am dying for details of the church you now have your eye on. I look forward to having you as a neighbour, even if not quite next door, in Centre Hastings!

    • Eloise, I found some poppy-red appliance images, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the colour I was thinking of. It’s quite a deep red, not quite burgundy; the colour was always darker at the bottom of the fridge or stove or whatever, and lighter toward the top – like the Coppertone Brown ones that Lu has identified. I’m going to keep searching till I find it!

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