Great Queensborough mailboxes (#2 in a hoped-for series)

Schoolhouse mailbox closeupNot long ago I wrote a little post (it’s here) about what I considered (and still do) to be the prettiest mailbox in all of pretty little Queensborough. It’s painted in the very Canadian, and very distinctive, colours of the Hudson’s Bay Company, and it makes me happy every time I see it when I drive home over the crest of the little hill on the western edge of the village and into “downtown” Queensborough:

Hudson's Bay mailbox

Prettiest mailbox in Queensborough, in Hudson’s Bay colours.

(Sometime I must tell you about how I made a new friend, Shirley, in faraway Minnesota of all places, because of that post. It included a photo of a pillar candle in Hudson’s Bay colours that I have, and Shirley had been looking for such a candle for years. I have to tell you, folks, you’d be amazed at all the nice people you meet, and the nifty little adventures you have, when you write a blog about life at the Manse in Queensborough!)

Anyway, today I have a new addition to what perhaps will become a gallery of photos of attractive and interesting mailboxes in the Queensborough area. You can see it in the photo at the top of this post, and can you tell what it is? It’s a miniature schoolhouse! And do you know why this particular residence has a mailbox designed like a miniature schoolhouse? Well, I’ll show you:

Schoolhouse mailbox, Moore's Corners

Because the home itself is a historic former one-room schoolhouse! It’s at what Queensborough oldtimers (such as myself) call Moore’s Corners a little east of the village. The school was S.S. (for School Section) #4, Moore’s School, back in the days when there had to be a school within walking distance – even if it was a long walk – of every child.

The home’s current owners, whom I do not (yet) know, have fixed it up, and kept it up, beautifully, and it and its delightful mailbox were looking particularly great on the recent sparkling winter day when I took these pictures. And I just have to say that I think the way the mailbox was constructed to pay tribute to the style of its house is very clever, and very cute.

Our mailboxThere’s one down side to all these appealing Queensborough mailboxes, however, and it’s this: compared to the pretty Hudson’s Bay one, and the clever schoolhouse one, the plain-Jane mailbox here at the Manse is starting to look pretty darn ordinary.

Raymond and I may have to put our thinking caps on.

4 thoughts on “Great Queensborough mailboxes (#2 in a hoped-for series)

  1. I’m putting my thinking cap on too. We should all give it a try. Queensborough could become the hamlet with the most entertaining mailboxes.

  2. You might like to talk to the owners of POSSiIBILITIES in Marmora…. They have great knowledge of paints as they make furniture look funky and retro, even show some before and after pieces.

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