Take it from me: you need some pancakes and syrup on Sunday

Pancake BreakfastWell, people, tonight I have yet another invitation for you to a fun community event that is happening this very weekend in Queensborough. And as is our wont here in Queensborough, it involves – food! (We know how to feed people. For evidence, check out my posts here and here and here and here.) And not just good food. Great food!

Queensborough Community Centre

The Queensborough Community Centre, which will be overflowing with people this coming Sunday morning, all enjoying a great pancake breakfast.

Here’s the deal: This coming Sunday morning, May 3, is when the annual Pancake Breakfast takes place at the Queensborough Community Centre. You can learn everything you need to know regarding time and place and menu and price from the poster that I’ve put at the top of this post. What you really need to know, though, is that it’s just about the best pancake breakfast around. You’ll be surrounded by friends old and new, from the Queensborough community and beyond, as you enjoy fresh locally made maple syrup with your pancakes and sausages and eggs and toast and whatnot. And all in the historic surroundings of Queensborough’s former one-room schoolhouse. And your admission fee will go to help the great work that the Queensborough Community Centre Committee does.

Here are some photos of the Pancake Breakfast from the past few years (and thanks to Queensborough’s Elaine Kapusta and Dave deLang for the photographic help):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Is your appetite sufficiently whetted? I know mine is. I hope to see you on Sunday morning!

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